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“Education is the manifestation of excellence inherent in every man.”

True education aims at drawing out the very best, lying latent in the untapped recesses of the students’ personality by providing all opportunities for their integrated development of body, mind and spirit.

Modern Vidya Niketan focuses on liberal education, innovation and economic growth. Here we firmly believe that education changes the fate of people and their trajectories to prepare them to become true champions of liberal democracy. The spirit of inquiry and healthy debating encourages our students on how to think.

Our Founder Principal Shri Gopal Sharma Sir believed that the destiny of a nation is indeed shaped in its classrooms and the teacher is the backbone of the society, and this universal principle actualises here. The nation is on the threshold of a major transformation. Science, technology and communication have become indispensable and that cements our staunch belief that students must be shown right direction so that they may be not only the harbingers but also the true beneficiaries of such times.

We, the teachers and mentors at Modern Vidya Niketan, are forever willing, eager and inspired to guide our students through every step of their journey to a bright futute. Their academic excellence with a dedicated focus on their safety and holistic development is at the top of our priority list. But equally important to us is building their personality and a strong moral character. We want our students to grow into kind, compassionate, loving and responsible adults who will lead the nation towards its glorious destiny. And the underlying simple philosophy that goes behind the spirit of the institution is self discipline, hardwork, steadfastness and above all the utilitarianism idea of maximum benefit of all the students.

We dream for all our students a world more prosperous and more peaceful than what it is today. But it is the youth, and only our youth who can transpire this dream into reality, It is the force of the youth that will steer society and the country towards a brighter horizon. Our youth rely on us to help them deal with difficulties. We are relying on our youth to sculpt a brighter future.This will be the generation receiving more responsibilies in legacy than anyone before has ever taken. They will have power to create impact. They will be leading the change from the forefront. I have a message for them to brace themselves for the extraordinary.

So students be curious. Be humble. Know yourself, know your turf, and know your world. Understand why global warming is a concern. Dive into poetry. Figure out what new inventions we need. Ask why economies collapse, expand your horizons, inflame your creativity. And above all, enjoy every moment of this exhilarating journey because there are no rewinds in life.

Modern Vidya Niketan is pledged for initiating GenY into true citizens of the world, far-far from narrow mindedness and parochialism. MVNites are ready to usher into an era which is free from poverty, casteism, ignorance, illiteracy and forge themselves towards light, lifeskills, optimism, empathy, benevolence and true humanity.

A true obeisance to our Founder Principal Shri Gopal Sharma Sir, in his word & belief will be:

May all your dreams translate into reality.

Satyameva Jayate

Mrs. Agalya Venkatesh
Principal – MVN Sector - 17