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“Computers are valuable tools to enhance the learning, communication, thinking, planning and problem solving skills of students in all areas of the curriculum”.Planned instruction and regular opportunities to work with computers at the Lab, enables student to learn how to operate computers using ,various software packages that support and enhance their classroom skills. The campus has 2 computer laboratories accessible to students with advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software to cater to the requirements of the students, teachers and the curriculum. It is equipped with the latest State-of-the-art equipment – modern and digital to facilitate learning by doing. The lab is also equipped with over – head projector and with fast Internet connectivity. All students are provided with timely and equitable access to computers in-order to acquire experience in utilizing computers, extend and expand their productivity and enrich their educational experience. The Computer session and internet access are monitored and supervised by computer teachers who aid and guide the children through the sessions. Highly qualified teachers impart knowledge of computers and fully equip the students for the challenges of the computer age.