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In the present scenario, mental health of school students is of prime importance for their holistic growth and development. The school counsellor is an integral part of school ecosystem who provides help and guidance to all students for their overall well being. The counsellor works through early identification and timely intervention of students' behavioural, emotional and social problems. The counsellor caters to the psychological needs of students from Class I to XII.
The counselling is offered as preventive, remedial and responsive measure for range of issues that the students face on a daily basis. There are three basic domains where the counsellor helps students.
•Academic Development:
•Personal and social development:
•Career development:
Counselling is offered through individual sessions, groups sessions, class sessions and interactive workshops. Some of the topics of workshops conducted regularly by the school counsellor are.
• Growing up Responsibly ( Primary and Middle wing)
• Bullying – Building Resilience (All wings)
• Emotional Intelligence (Middle and Senior wing)
• Gender sensitivity (Middle and Senior wing)

Child Protection Committee
With the objective to build a safe learning environment for all students, a Child Protection Committee is constituted in the school. This committee works to spread awareness about children's safety, identifies students at risk and takes proactive steps to ensure safety for all along with reporting cases and taking suitable actions.
Following are the members of Child Protection Committee:

1. Ms. Agalya Venkatesh Principal
2. Ms. Archana Bapat Counsellor
3. Ms. Chaaya Yadav Senior Coordinator
4. Ms. Manika Girdhar Coordinator, Middle wing
5. Ms. Rupam Sachdeva Coordinator, Primary wing
6. Mr. Rajesh Batra PGT
7. Mr. Rajesh Batra PGT
8. Ms. Tulika DPE
9. Mehul Sehgal Head boy