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Experiential learning, the best way to teach a child, is given utmost importance. Concepts are not taught, but they are caught. The three E’s of learning Explore, Experience and Enjoy is achieved through experiential learning.  

“What I learn, I forget

  what I see, I remember

  what I do, I understand”

Salient features of Science Park:

  • Pioneer concept
  • Practical & First Hand Experience of Theoretical Concepts
  • Interactive & Activity Based Learning
  • Major Models:
    •  Newton’s Colour Disc
    •  Pin Hole Camera
    •  Play with Magnet
    •  Play with Mirrors
    •  Rain Gauge
    • Revolving Periscope
    • Solar Water Heater
    • Sun Dial
    • Friction & Speed
    • Humidity Meter
    • Maxima & Minima Thermometer
  • First Order Lever, Second Order Lever & Third Order Lever
  • Persistence of Vision