Teachers play a central role in the mission. Children depend on them to bridge the gap between the known and the unknown, to encourage them to chase their ambitions and to show them that each one of them is incredibly special. Each day brings a new challenge, and every challenge brings out the best in them. They are instrumental in guiding the students towards academic achievement while inculcating self esteem and values that empower them to think critically, leading them to transform their lives. There is a team of young, dedicated and well qualified staff of 9 teachers who focus on the all round development of the students, be it mental, physical, spiritual, emotional moral or social. They understand the community the children come from, the background of each child and the challenges they face. They empathize with the children and push them harder as they believe in each child's potential. Various curricular and co curricular activities are taken up to make learning meaningful and effective. The academic program aims to nurture the students so that they can develop their talents and abilities to the fullest.