MBA (Master in Business Administration)

The Department of Business Studies, MVN Education City at Palwal has been established to cater to the needs of the students seeking high quality management education which is directly job oriented and prepares the students for direct placement in good companies in the corporate world. This is achieved by interfacing with the industry and the academic experts available through our intense market network.

We run MBA course in Les Filles MVN Institute of Engineering and Technology (LFMVNIET) situated at the complex of MVN Education City, Palwal. The course is full time regular course affiliated to MD University, Rohtak.

MBA Department at LES FILLES MVN IET, Palwal is a 4 semester regular programme spread over two academic years. The course structure is designed to impart knowledge of the core management concepts and techniques in the first year which are, thereafter, upgraded to advanced knowledge and practising skills in the areas of specialization opted for by the students in the third semester.

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