MVN School Aravali

Modern Vidya Niketan Schools run by an education society registered with the state government under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1960 has been functioning in Faridabad since 1983. Founded by Late Shri Gopal Sharma and his wife Mrs. Kanta Sharma the schools follow a tradition of excellence in education. Modern Vidya Niketan Schools provide the learners with roots and wings; roots which are firmly set in tradition, culture and philosophy of our land and wings to help them fly creatively in a world characterized by rapid technological change.

The schools offer an environment to its students which allows for their multifaceted growth and development into responsible citizens and professionals of tomorrow, where competition is favored, achievement is applauded and individual dynamism is encouraged. Modern Vidya Niketan truly epitomizes the fact that ‘success is a journey and not a destination.’

The Academic Programme

Primary School
In primary classes we believe in nurturing the children through natural inquisitiveness, helping them discover that learning is fun, thereby establishing a good foundation for their future progression. There is a strong emphasis on personal and social skill development in a friendly, positive and caring environment encouraging children to grow in confidence and self esteem.

Our well lit temperature controlled rooms are individually designed and superbly resourced creating an attractive and stimulating learning environment where children have space and freedom to play an explore in.

The academic programme for students aged 6 to 11 years focuses on the development of the whole child not only in the classroom but also in the world outside. Developing the essential elements of learning i.e. knowledge, concepts, skills attitude action, language, analytical thinking are the cornerstone of this programme. The children acquire all the building blocks of scholarship along with good study habits and love for learning.

Middle School
Based upon the school’s mission and philosophy, middle school programme offers the very best preparation for high school in an atmosphere that values and respects and provides the right environment where the students can develop their talents and abilities to the fullest. Apart from the core subjects, emphasis is laid on group discussion, debate, public speaking, projects, presentations and inter school activities. The students are guided and counseled through these transitional years and the school works closely with parents to help our young adolescents come to term with all the joys and pain of these growing years.

Senior School
The curriculum in the senior school consolidates and builds on the student’s academic and social growth. The emphasis is on investigation and conceptualization as they are in their first phase of preparation for CBSE examination.
School Building

Modern Vidya Niketan Aravali hills, nestled in the sprawling Aravali range has grown from strength to strength since the time of its inception. Lawns, landscaped gardens and playgrounds surround the building, which houses modern classrooms and state-of-art laboratories.

MVN Aravali Hills is spread over 10 acres of lush green land, this temperature controlled school follows the tradition of excellence in education.

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