Self empowerment program for teachers

Self Empowerment Program for teachers on 23rd and 24th April
Om Shanti Retreat Centre (Pataudi road) Manesar is an educational and training campus. It is a sprawling 30 acres complex built in peaceful and sylvan surroundings.
• The main aim of the organization is to restore human values back in the society and help people find their compass.
• The centre also helps people rediscover their true inner potentials and strength and maximize them.
• It also directs people to lead a stress free life by increasing their inner ability to cope with the situation through meditation.
ORC was a real platform for all the members of MVN family which led to the transformation from body consciousness to soul consciousness. It helped us in understanding and knowing our own self. The sessions conducted in the serene atmosphere compelled all of us to introspect, analyse and actualize our inner thoughts and then act upon to realize our true qualities and virtues. There were series of sessions arranged for the MVN team.
1. Welcome and introduction
There was an activity which enabled all of us to know each other better through one to one conversation.
2. Stress management
This session was a real eye opener for each one of us because in this workshop we all came to know that we are the creator of the stress and depression. This disease is not physical but it is a mental disease which is created by our thoughts. The healing of stress can be done by feeding in positive thoughts.
3. Third workshop was about knowing the self through meditation. It was indeed a very thought provoking and self analysing session in which we met with our real self which was not body conscious’. We learnt the techniques of meditation and discovered ourselves with the help of meditation .
4. Fourth workshop was about holistic health. We all were educated about when , how , what and how much to eat. The food we eat has an impact on our body as well as mind (thoughts) so whatever we eat has a strong relationship with our thoughts.
5. Fifth workshop was about knowing the supreme through meditation- Till now we all were living with the belief that God is within each one of us but through this session we came to know that almighty God is not omnipresent he is omnipotent. He is the real source of power.