Earth week celebration

Earth week Celebration

We all know that earth is the only planet that supports life. It is a paradise for all living creatures. It fulfills everybody’s demand unconditionally. In order to thank Mother Earth for its countless bounties, MVN Sector-17 celebrated “Earth week” to make the children aware of the importance of our planet.
The theme for the first day was ‘ Litterless Lunches’ in which the children were encouraged to use cloth napkins instead of paper and steelware instead of plastic spoons. Classes with minimum litter were tagged as Eco- friendly classes.
Lights Off campaign was observed on the second day in which the lights were turned off for at least two-three periods in all the classrooms.
In an urge to save fuel, the students co-operated by coming to school walking/cycling and thus observed ‘Walking Wednesday”.
The fourth day symbolized the perfect way of rebuilding a new world for the future generations. The students were asked to bring a sapling for planting in the school garden.
On the last day of the celebration, SWAP EVENT was organized. It was meant to inculcate the habit of sharing and caring. Many students brought their old games/toys/books for swapping.
The week-long celebration proved to be a great success and students promised to make every day, EARTH DAY.