Earth Day Celebration at MVN

World Earth Day

Students of MVN, Sector 17, Faridabad celebrated World Earth Day with energized eco-activities for almost a week. The celebrations started on the World Earth Day itself, marked on 22nd April, 2014, with a special morning assembly in which facts regarding Earth Day were shared. To check the awareness of the students, a special quiz was conducted and the winners were given green badges. Various activities were conducted in the following days and saw ample participation from students of all wings participated in the Fancy Dress competition highlighting the woes of Mother Earth, the challenges and the contribution we can make. Class 7th organized the ‘Best out of Waste’ activity and students created interesting items with the waste products. Class 8th participated in a Poster making competition, whereas class 9th contributed wholeheartedly towards a clean green earth by a Tree plantation activity. The students of class 10th participated in a rally, highlighting the message of saving earth, water, resources through placards and slogans.