Diwali Celebration

Following the MVN tradition of celebrating every festival with enthusiasm, Diwali was also celebrated in the same spirit on 21st of October. Students of class V staged a short drama, depicting a beautiful scene from the Ramayana. It conveyed the message that God is Omnipresent. They also sang soulful ‘Chopai’. The concept of “Say No to Crackers” was also explained with its disadvantages through a skit .The wonderful dance performance set the festive mood of Diwali in everybody’s heart. Children of Pre-Primary wing then prepared Rangoli in front of their class rooms and lighted lamps with the help of their teachers. Primary Incharge advised the students to be extremely careful while lighting candles & diyas at home. She extended her wishes by telling everyone to celebrate Diwali in an environment friendly manner. The students did not forget to take blessings from their teachers before going home.