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Every student has a right to be literate, and literacy is necessary for them to become a contributing member of the society. However just as important to regular literacy is “DIGITAL LITERACY.” This new generation of digital native needs access to the right technology that teaches them how to function in a digitally ubiquitous world. So, to impart the latest technology, a new computer laptop lab has been set up in 2017 for senior classes with a great many essential and useful features. The lab has 45 laptops with student laptop ratio 1 ; 1 with recent version of the software. It has a high speed internet which help us greatly in research work. A projector has also been installed so that the demo given by the teacher is clearly visible on the screen for the better understanding of the students. The lab assistant is also available to the students during the lab sessions. To sum up, we all are looking forward to do best utilization of the tech resources available