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In view of changing social and family scenario and with ever-evolving needs of our children, parenting has changed drastically in last few years and has become a big challenge. These days, parents have to forever walk the tight rope that swings crazily between old world discipline and traditions and modern worlds freedom and liberties. To help struggling parents in their day-to-day parenting issues, the school has taken a proactive step and organized POSITIVE PARENTING sessions for parents of all students starting from primary till senior secondary wing. The POSITIVE PARENTING sessions were taken by the school counselor, Ms. Archana Bapat where tenets of positive parenting were discussed and explained in an age-appropriate manner. The real issues of each age group were taken and practical solutions were offered. Parents brought up lots of queries which were satisfactorily answered. The parents appreciated the sessions whole-heartedly and the feedback was excellent.

Health and cheerfulness naturally beget each other. Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. Keeping this in mind, our school management has not only introduced fitness programmes and schedules for children but also for their staff. An aerobic workshop was conducted to promote the idea of fitness involving fun and frolic of rhythm. The whole session dealt with daily regime of aerobics and gymnastics and easy steps of zumba made it further interesting. The teachers were also instructed about simple exercises that they can do to keep themselves fit.

As it is said Talent wins games, but team work and intelligence wins championships. MVN strongly believes in its hardworking team and thus the management had organized a wonderful workshop for the same, conducted by Mr. S. K. Sharma from Times of India Group. The session commenced with the beautiful videos of dolphins which always prefer to live in team and was carried forward with the help of inspiring videos, mock session and games. It was surely an interactive and interesting session which involved everyone present. The workshop ended with a open ended discussion. Its glory lied in the fact that all of us could relate to it in our professional lives and thus learnt some valuable lessons from it.

Stress produces numerous physical and mental symptoms which vary according to each individuals situational factors. One of the keys to a happy and successful life in modern age is managing with stress.A workshop was conducted on Stress Management on 19.05.2017 by Mr. AmanKohli. This workshop aimed at helping individuals cope more effectively with stress and to remediate specific problems associated with stressful situations.The program enabled us to realize that a change in the internal reactions and behaviour towards a particular problem can help deal with the situation more effectively.The workshop highlighted two major things to help deal with stress i.e living in the moment and responding to a situation instead of reacting to it.

One of the most fascinating thing about the universe is the universe itself. Today, we got the golden opportunity to view and capture our planet Earth from the space while sitting in a room. It was all amazing. A normal person busy in his work schedule would never have imagined the he/she could see the space from an astronauts perspective. The workshop was about the Sally ride EarthRAM and its ability to let the students remotely control a digital camera mounted on the ISS i.e International Space Station. We never knew that it takes 16 orbits in a day with a speed of 9.67 km/s. We had to chose places on the request to the ISS like London, Pakistan, Santa Monica, Canada, etc. We would get the picture when it comes on that particular latitude and longitude and could analyze it. This workshop was very inquisitive and learning was made fun. Thanks to everyone who gave us this opportunity!

A four day The Awakened Citizen Program training workshop was attended by the teachers of Modern Vidya Niketan, Aravali Hills at Ramakrishna Mission, New Delhi on 25th to 28th April 2017.The program recognizes the need for value assimilation in children and presented a unique and novel approach to it. Teachers from various schools of Delhi were also present in this workshop.The aim of the program is to inculcate value like being heroic, expanding myself, living in harmony, seeking perfection, Shraddha and truth seekers among the students as they are the nation-builders of future.The teachers were taught the methodology to ensure maximum impact of the values on the students to help their personal growth. The master facilitators guided the participants to prepare and demonstrate the above topics with the help of slides and modules.It was a greatly enriching experience and an amazing opportunity for learning.

A workshop on stress handling was conducted by Ms. Archana Bapat, child counselor, MVN School on 12th Sept., 2017 in school auditorium. It was an inspiring workshop which included many brainstorming sessions consisting fvarious exercises based on left and right side brain (hand movements, colour identification etc.) She emphasized on the fact that if one side of brain is used more, then these suggested exercises or activities would help in stimulating the other side of brain and hence will help in de-stressing. A special mention was made on teachers body language and tone in a classroom; a long lasting effect on a students behaviour. Teachers were also enlightened about the symptoms to detect sexual abuse in children. They actively participated in the interactive session. Their suggestion were also appreciated.