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In the present scenario, the psychosocial health and wellbeing of school students is indeed at risk. Our school counsellor caters to the counselling needs of students from classes and background. The focus is on early identification and timely intervention of the behavioral, emotional and social problems. The counsellor addresses the following domains of a student’s life:
1.Academic Development: Students are counselled and guided for various study skills, how to increase one’s attention span and have better concentration, time management, handling stress, performance anxiety, following healthy competition, etc.
2.Personal and Social Development: Pursuing various life skills not just problem solving, conflict resolution, peer pressure, inter personal relationship, goal setting, failure management, adolescent issues, family issues, values and morals, etc. are taught individually and in group counselling.
3.Career development: Guidance is given for various career options, how to make a career choice, aptitude check etc. The counselling is offered as preventive, remedial as well as responsive measures to the range of issues students face in their day-to-day life. Apart from the regular individual and group counselling, classroom sessions and interactive workshops are also conducted by the counsellor on various issues.
Details of some of the workshops conducted are: Good touch bad touch
Growing Up
Effective Habits
Bullying – Building Resilience
Building self confidence and self Esteem
Emotional Intelligence
Stress Management
Life Skills
Value Education
Time Management
4.Academic Counselling : Through numerous workshops and counseling session, students are guided to adopt various self study techniques, increasing ones attention span, improving on concentration, managing stress and time, time management etc.
5.Personality and Social Development : Through individual and group counseling are assisted in enhancing their thinking, emotional and social skills. Sessions on handling peer pressure, critical and creative thinking, empathy, goal setting confidence building, inter personal relationship building, goal setting, adolescent issues etc. are regularly conducted.
6.Expert Counselling : Resource persons from various fields are invited to conduct informative sessions with the students on career counseling, aptitude testing, personality enhancement, value education etc.