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“Education, as a planned endeavour, at a personal level on a small scale or institutional level on a large scale, aims at making children capable of becoming active, responsible, productive and caring members of society. They are made familiar with the various practices of the community by imparting the relevant skills and ideas. The goal of education is supposed to encourage the students to analyse and evaluate their experiences, to ponder and enquire to be inquisitive and to think independently.”
The aim of education is not just to let learners obtain basic knowledge but to make them life-long learners. It is to nurture future citizens who are mentally and physically robust, assertive, confident, empathetic and helpful to the community. They are trained to be intellectually inquisitive and reflexive, develop creative vision and global perspective and accept their moral responsibilities. Our curriculum is very comprehensive, giving due importance to both Scholastic as well as Co-Scholastic areas.

“It is here that the foundation for the love of learning is laid and strengthened”

  • Education is imparted through play-way methods.
  • Suitably designed child-centered curriculum based on phonetics, provides the children with a strong foundation of spelling and vocabulary.
  • Classroom are abuzz with e-Learning, Audio visual aids, Music, PEC (Physical Education in Curriculum), hands on experience through various art and craft tasks.
  • A plethora of choices is given to the students for their work experience classes ranging from creative writing to public speaking, cookery to clay modelling etc.
  • Interactive sessions are held in life skill classes in order to inculcate moral values and to enhance general awareness of the students.
  • CIE curriculum and global education is imparted to make them global learners and competitive enough to face the challenges of the professional world.