About the MVN Society

MVN Society is known for its outstanding secondary schools committed to quality education at three different locations and the fastest developing campus for technical and management education. The students of the schools, who passed 12th standard in the last ten years, have earned laurels by qualifying for the entrance examination of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in large numbers and also securing top ranks in the all India joint entrance examinations for admissions to top ranking Engineering and Medical Institutes. Highly motivated, qualified and skilled faculties combined with modern information technology-based infrastructure are the key to MVN’s success mantra. The Society, which made a humble beginning with a handful of students in 1984, is now a family of 7000 students, 500 faculty members and administrative staff. It has been on a continuous growth path, establishing institutes like the ‘Gopal Sharma Modern Vidya Niketan Institute of Engineering & Technology’ www.mvngs.com , ‘Les Filles MVN  Institute of Engineering & Technology’ www.mvnlf.com at a centralized campus of MVN Education City www.mvneducationcity.com.  Which is located in the National Capital Region of Delhi on the Agra Highway (NH-2) near Faridabad in India.