Principal of MVN School – Aravali

“Education has at its base, the task of building character, to reform and to inculcate right values.”

Today in the rush of modernity, man is progressively getting away from these ideals of education. So it is imperative to impart Value Education for the spiritual growth of mankind. The importance of education is well known to everyone. It shapes an individual in his/her formative years and imbibes one with great values that would govern all future choices. In my opinion the values are instilled and character is formed on the sandstone of self discipline. The absolute values would help children to be self reliant in decision making and responsive to changes in environment and circumstances, manage complexity and be curious and sound in reasoning. Discipline and values are hallmarks of our school. Learning at MVN, is student centered and growth oriented. We aim to impart world class education with the state of the art facilities for the holistic development of the child.

I am fortunate to be leading a team of dedicated faculty members who are committed to the task of building future leaders, technocrats, medicos who would not only excel in their respective fields but also would be good human beings. Together let’s build a society of aware and compassionate global citizens.

Principal MVN Aravali